All classes are suitable for beginners to experienced yogis who like to move mindfully with their breath.  All classes are relaxed, warm and welcoming. My focus is on helping you to tap in to the peace that resides within us all so you leave feeling calm,  contented, and present. I’d love to welcome you into class. 

Hall/Studio classes

Monday @6:15PM (AWST) – “Mellow Monday Yoga” at Whitford Family Centre (60 minutes)

Monday @7:30PM (AWST) – “Mellow Monday Yoga” at Whitford Family Centre (60 minutes)

Wednesday @6:30PM (AWST) – “Wonderful Wednesday Yoga” at St Nicholas Anglican Church Duncraig

Thurs @9:15AM (AWST) – “Tender Thursday Yoga” at St Nicholas Anglican Church Duncraig (suitable for all, targeted at beginners)

Zoom classes

Wednesday @4:30PM (AWST) – “Together Online” – Melbourne only yogis

Park classes

Wednesday @6am (AWST) – Sunrise Yoga at MacDonald Park, Padbury (45 minutes)

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Classes currently offered in Hillarys, Padbury & Duncraig.


I am really inflexible can I still do yoga?

Absolutely! You don’t need to be flexible to do Yoga, but you will become more flexible from your asana (posture) practice. That’s a benefit of Yoga but not the goal.

I haven't done yoga before, will I be able to attend Suivness classes?

Yes! All Suivness classes are suitable for beginners and those who enjoy a breath focused slower practice. Some classes are specifically designed for beginners but you are welcome to attend all.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring a mat, a blanket and a water bottle.

I am 65 - am I too old to do Yoga?

Not at all, you are never too old to start. There are a small number of significant pre-existing medical conditions that would make a general class unsuitable but please get in touch and we can discuss any concerns you have.  

Why do people do Yoga ?

  • To relax and fill their cup!
  • To reduce stress and relieve tension
  • To improve anxiety and depression
  • To build strength (mentally, physically and emotionallY)
  • To improve flexibility and balance 
  • To improve cardio, respiratory and circulatory health
  • To increase energy and vitality.
  • To improve and maintain a balanced metabolism.
  • To support other sporting activities.